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Plant Disease Prevention

Environmental data collection and transmission to the cloud

The collection and communications electronics questions each sensor at pre-established intervals and send the data to the cloud by means of the communications channel that has been set up. The communications between the Nanoenvi AG device and the data server in the cloud may be direct, through technologies such as 3G, Sigfox or Narrowband, or by the creation of Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks such as LORA or Xbee.
These networks are set up in such a way that the devices are connected to one or several hubs or gateways, and the latter send the data to the cloud server. The format of the messages is specifically adapted to the needs of the monitoring centre by means of drivers developed for this. The solutions are tailor-designed for the client and in close collaboration with the experts in the crop in question.

Additionally, we can implement a tailored solution in our ENVIRA DS with some specific calculation algorithms allowing to predict the potential growth of plant diseases and the measures to mitigate them.

Devices to monitor environmental variables

Our Nanoenvi AG devices have been specifically designed to monitor environmental variables to plant disease prevention. Developed with the cooperation of agronomists, the versatility of our devices makes them ideal for precision farming processes. Their small size makes it easy to be implemented in the field, thus reducing the possibilities of theft or vandalism.


Fed by a small solar panel in the casing of the equipment, the Nanoenvi AG devices can be located at the exact point needed for the monitoring. They have connectivity up to 6 probes and the most usual parameters are the following:

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