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Whether we are talking about processes or services or data analysis for decision making, companies need to be sure that the results provided by their measurement equipment are correct.

The deterioration of the instrumentation caused by its ordinary use causes the measurements to lose confidence; that is why it is so important to have a correct calibration that guarantees the traceability and reliability of the results obtained.

ENAC Calibration Laboratory

ENVIRA's calibration laboratory is accredited by ENAC* in accordance with the criteria set out in the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 Standard and in the CGA-ENAC-LEC document, to carry out calibrations in the "Chemistry-Gas Concentration" area and in the "Flow" area.

*ENAC is the only body designated in Spain to carry out evaluations by means of an audit process in accordance with established and internationally recognised criteria.

Scope of Accreditation Calibration Laboratory Certificate

Scope of Accreditation

Our accreditation allows us to perform flow and gas concentration calibrations both off-site and on-site calibrations.

Gas concentration

Calibration of ambient air analysers that measure the concentration of pollutant gases in ambient air:

· SO2 analysers

· NO analyzers

· NO2 analyzers

· CO analysers

· O3 analyzers

· SH2 analyzers

· Benzene analysers

Gas concentration

Gas flow rate

Calibration of flow meters and flow controllers used in ambient air quality monitoring:

· Direct measuring flowmeters

· Mass flow controllers

· Particulate matter samplers

· Flowmeters with electrical output

· Breathing flowmeters

Gas flow rate

Our accredited calibration services

At Envira we offer our customers the possibility of calibrating their equipment either Off-site in our in-house laboratory or On-Site thanks to our mobile calibration laboratory.

Off-site ENAC Calibration

Our Off-site ENAC accredited laboratory allows accurate and complete calibrations to be performed in a specialised environment and controlled conditions. This provides greater stability in instrument measurements, tending to require less frequent calibration.

On-site ENAC Calibration with mobile laboratory

Thanks to our mobile calibration laboratory, Envira is able to carry out on-site calibrations that take into account the specific conditions of the environment in which the instrument is used, in order to adjust or verify its accuracy. It also makes it possible to correct deviations caused by environmental factors or wear and tear over time more quickly and without interrupting production processes for more than a short period of time.

Advantages of the ENAC calibration

Our experience backs us up

More than 17 years performing ENAC-accredited calibrations in the Spanish air quality networks.

Demonstrable technical competence

Demonstrable technical competence

We have more than 17 years of demonstrable experience and technical expertise in the management of most of the analyzers of the air quality networks in Spain.

The accreditation granted by ENAC in accordance with the EN 17025 standard confirms the competence of our laboratory and staff, who are subjected to strict quality controls to guarantee the traceability and reliability of the results of our calibrations.

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