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Weather stations maintenance

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Meteorological sensors and stations

By their very nature, meteorological sensors are exposed to a wide range of atmospheric conditions. Therefore, to ensure the accuracy, data quality and durability of installations in both public and private air quality networks, all the instruments that make up the network must be rigorously maintained:

  1. Solar radiation (UV) sensor
  2. Wind speed and direction
  3. Solar panel (optional)
  4. Compact temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure sensor
  5. Rain gauge
  6. Communication mast and housing

Professional weather station preventive maintenance



We check the condition of the weather sensors and solar panel glass (if present). We carry out a thorough cleaning to ensure proper operation.



We regularly check the positioning of the steering sensors for correct data acquisition.

Signal and power

Signal and power

We check the sensor's measurement signal and analogue output, as well as the sensor's own power supply, to ensure that there is no interruption to the station's data collection.

Mechanical components

Mechanical components

We check the correct operation of bearings and mechanical elements to prevent deterioration and extend their useful life.

Maintenance of data logging systems

As part of the preventive maintenance of weather stations, it is also important to check the status of the data logger by checking the communication and data storage functions to ensure accurate and correct data collection.

Adjustment, repair and replacement

Our maintenance plans also include corrective maintenance, which includes the adjustment and repair of sensors and complete weather stations.

If repair is not possible, we have the best brands and response times to replace any element of the station.

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