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Thanks to the air quality and air pollution consultancy services we provide, it is possible to obtain first-hand knowledge of the current status of each automatic monitoring system (SAM) and verify its level of compliance with the requirements of Royal Decree 102/2011 and/or the Integrated Environmental Permit in terms of air quality monitoring.

It also allows us to identify possible deficiencies and make recommendations for the improvement of the installations, with the aim of improving the Integrated Quality System.

Diagnosis of the standards-compilance

Our air quality consulting services start with a detailed compliance diagnosis and an initial technical inspection to establish the baseline.

Reference standards

We carry out an initial analysis of the applicable reference regulations (Autonomous / State / Community / UNE-EN) and the corresponding assessment of the degree of compliance of the installations with the air quality aspects of the legislation in force.

In relation to the requirements of Royal Decree 102/2011 on Air Quality Monitoring, the following will be taken into account
· Establishment of a quality assurance and control system that includes periodic maintenance of analytical instruments.
· Quality assurance and control procedures for data collection and reporting.
· Equipment that conforms to the reference method or equivalent, with test reports from laboratories accredited according to EN-17025.

Technical inspection

After checking the location of the stations and that the working environment is safe, clean and easily accessible, a visual check of the sampling system is carried out, analysing, describing and photographing the initial condition of the sampling equipment and noting any irregularities, which will be included in the final report.

Quality assurance and control

Documentation and records

Documentation and records

Reviewing manuals, equipment logbooks, maintenance schedules and reports, maintenance and calibration management system procedures.

Test of nominal values

Test of nominal values

Verification of the tests carried out on the equipment against the manufacturer's nominal values.

Zero and span verification

Zero and span verification

Checking the zero and span values of station analysers as well as calibrators and standard bottles.

Data acquisition and communications

Data acquisition and communications

Verification of data acquisition and transmission protocols as well as data integrity.

Level of compliance EN 14181

Specific consultancy applicable to both new and existing industrial facilities with potentially air polluting activities and which are required to have one or more systems for continuous measurement of air emissions.

Quality assurance levels QAL

Our staff carry out a technical inspection to determine compliance with the three levels of quality assurance established in the EN 14181 standard.

· Compliance with QQL1 in terms of the uncertainty of the equipment required by legislation.
· Compliance with QQL2 in terms of the procedure for the determination of the calibration function and its variability.
· Compliance with QMS3 in terms of drift and accuracy.

Benefits of air quality consulting

Our air pollution consultancy services for both public and private air quality stations and networks have the following advantages:

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