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Range of products

High precision instrumentation and devices for environmental monitoring. Type approved gas analyzers and particulate matter monitors.

Calibrators, zero air generators and extractive probes for gas sample conditioning. IoT devices for indoor air quality monitoring. Specific software for intelligent real-time signal processing and analysis.

Indoor Air Quality Monitors

IoT devices for continuous real-time monitoring of indoor air quality, including environmental parameters such as CO2, CO, VOCs, Particulate Matter, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Absolute Pressure and Noise.

Discover the indoor air quality monitor Nanoenvi IAQ

Ambient Air Monitoring Equipment

Gas analysers and particulate matter monitors for real-time monitoring of outdoor air quality and immission. Internationally certified reference equipment.

SO2, SO, H2S, TRS & TS analyzers
NOx, NO, NO2, NH3 analyzers
CO, CO2 & Ozone analyzers

Official distributor of Met One, Teledyne, AMS Analítica, AMA Instruments and Palas.

Industrial Emission Analyzers

Automatic systems for real-time monitoring of emissions and industrial processes.

Sulphur dioxide SO2 analyzers
Nitrogen oxides NOx analyzers
Analyzers for exhaust gas CO, CO2, O2...
Opacity Meters for emission monitoring

Authorised distributor forSiemens, Teledyne API, Fives, Ankersmid, M&C & Phoenix Contact.

Air Quality Monitoring Systems

Design, manufacture and installation of air quality monitoring and control stations. Our different solutions are adapted to all areas and needs:

Fixed, reference AQMS stations
Compact AQMS stations
Mobile AQMS stations
Portable stations

Meteorological sensors

We have a wide selection of high-precision sensors and instrumentation for measuring meteorological parameters:

Wind speed and direction sensors
Temperature sensors
Moisture meters
Atmospheric pressure gauges
Solar radiation sensors
Rain gauges

Continuous water monitoring equipment

We design continuous water quality monitoring systems.

Turbidity, conductivity, salinity and suspended solids meters.

Sensors for pH, Redox, Dissolved Oxygen.

Sensors for Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Ammonia, Alkalinity and other chemical parameters.

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