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Continuous water monitoring equipment

Continuous monitors, electrodes, probes, analyzers and samplers for physico-chemical analysis of water quality parameters and flow meters.

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Water quality monitoring equipment

Continuous water quality monitors are essential tools for real-time assessment and management of water quality, providing continuous information on various water parameters to detect changes and trends over time.

The most common instruments include pH probes, ORP sensors, dissolved oxygen sensors, turbidity, conductivity and salinity meters, total suspended and dissolved solids meters and sensors, multi-parameter probes, water quality sensors and sensors.

The most commonly measured parameters are turbidity, pH/Redox, electrical conductivity, dissolved oxygen concentration, total and free chlorine, metals and minerals, total organic carbon (TOC), chemical oxygen demand (COD) and total nitrogen, hardness, alkalinity, ammonia and other physico-chemical parameters. It is also important to have water flow measurement instruments to monitor level, flow, pressure and temperature.

Specific instruments such as probes, sensors, flow meters, level, pressure and temperature gauges and samplers are used to analyse and control water quality in various fields.


Aqualabo has a wide range of sensors, meters and samplers for physico-chemical parameters of water quality.


Conductivity / Salinity

TSS and Sludge Blanket

pH / ORP, TºC and Dissolved Oxygen


Multiparameter water samplers


Siemens instrumentation enables the control of any process water and wastewater application.

Level measurement

Flow measurement




Endress&Hauser smart sensors and transmitters for the measurement of multiple parameters of water quality and other liquids.

Chlorine and Bromine

Dissolved Oxygen

pH and ORP

Metals and minerals

TOC, COD and Total Nitrogen

Hach Instruments

Analyzers, probes and sensors for water quality monitoring from Hach Instruments.

Hardness & Alkalinity


TOC & Total Nitrogen



Nanoenvi WATER

Multi-parameter water quality sensor for real-time measurement of various physical and chemical parameters.

Monitoring of pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and turbidity among others.

Can be part of IoT networks.

A multi-device platform for real-time data visualisation.

Customised alarm settings.

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