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Sensors and transmitters from Endress+Hauser: an international leader in the analysis and measurement of water and liquids.

Endress+Hauser is a world leader in instrumentation for water analysis and liquid measurement. They offer a wide range of high-precision sensors and analysers for the analysis of all parameters in liquid applications. They also offer state-of-the-art interfaces and communication protocols.


Systematic disinfection is an essential step in water treatment.

Using sensors for chlorine dioxide, free chlorine, total chlorine and free bromine in the monitoring of drinking water, process water or swimming pool water is essential to ensure disinfection according to regulations and legal requirements.

Memosens CCS50E

Measurement of chlorine dioxide ClO2

Robust, low-maintenance sensor provides fast and stable readings, ensuring effective disinfection and top quality. Wide measuring range and fast response time for increased process reliability. ClO2-free control in beverage and reverse osmosis systems.

Memosens CCS51E

Free chlorine measurement

Low maintenance, high accuracy amperometric sensor. The free chlorine sensor has extremely fast response times, ensuring efficient and safe process control. Wide measurement range from trace levels up to 200 mg/l free chlorine.

Memosens CCS120D

Total chlorine measurement

User-friendly, low-maintenance digital sensor for reliable monitoring of free and combined (total) chlorine. Low maintenance due to easy replacement of electrolyte and membrane cap. Almost independent of pH.

Memosens CCS55E

Free bromine measurement

Free bromine detection sensor for efficient process control. Measuring range from trace levels up to concentrations of 200 mg/l. Fast measurement due to no inactivation in bromine-free products.


In processes such as fermentation, inertisation or aeration control, dissolved oxygen measurement is essential as a quality control element in applications such as waste water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, auxiliary services in all industries, food and beverage or fish farming.

Memosens COS51E

Dissolved oxygen measurement

Digital three-electrode amperometric sensor for long-term stable dissolved oxygen measurement with low drift. Moisture resistant for process reliability. Low maintenance and stores calibration and process data.

Oxymax COS61D

Dissolved oxygen measurement

High performance digital oxygen sensor for fast, accurate and drift-free measurements. It is interference free due to the stable oxygen selective fluorescence layer.

Memosens COL37E

Dissolved oxygen measurement

Optical oxygen sensor that is easy to use and maintain as it requires no electrolyte or polarisation time. It incorporates plug and play technology with an optical cover that eliminates interference from air bubbles.

Memosens COS81E

Dissolved oxygen measurement

Optical oxygen sensor, ideal for hygienic applications, provides accurate and stable measurements even in hazardous and dust explosive areas. Suitable for inerting applications.


Phmeters and digital sensors for pH measurement in all kinds of industries and water treatment applications.

The measurement of pH or ORP provides relevant data about the quality of processes in the chemical industry, pulp and paper industry, power plants, incineration plants, water and wastewater treatment, hygienic and sterile applications…

Memosens CPS11E

pH measurement

Universal digital pH sensor for all types of stable processes. Provides reliable measurements even at the extremes of the pH range or in hazardous areas. The process glass is suitable for the full pH range and is pressure stable up to 17 bar absolute.

Memosens CPS76E

Combined pH/ORP measurement

Simultaneous pH and ORP sensor with fast changing values. Its optional pressurised reference ensures stable and reliable measurement in contaminated, blocking and low conductivity media such as dispersions. Non-contact inductive signal transmission for maximum process reliability.

Memosens CPF81E

pH measurement

pH sensor for demanding applications, providing reliable measurements even with abrasive products and at high flow rates. Ideal pH sensor for mining, industrial and waste water treatment processes.

Ceragel CPS71D

pH measurement

Special digital sensor for demanding process and hygienic applications thanks to its contamination-resistant gel, which ensures stable measurement even in flowing or low-conductivity media. The sensor is resistant to strong acids and bases as well as high organic loads. Suitable for CIP/SIP and autoclaves.

Orbipac CPF81E

pH measurement

Robust pH sensor for processes in the mining industry and for industrial and wastewater treatment. Measures reliably and accurately even in fibrous products and with fast flow rates. Non-contact, inductive signal transmission.

Orbipore CPS92E

ORP measurement

Digital sensor suitable for fibrous products or products with a high content of solids in suspension, it is ATEX, FM and CSA certified for applications in hazardous areas. Unaffected by pressure and temperature fluctuations.

Ceramax CPS341D

pH measurement - glass-free

Digital sensor technology with hygienic design suitable for cleaning in place (CIP) and sterilisation in place (SIP). High mechanical stability due to pH sensitive enamel on steel substrate.

Ceraliquid CPS42E

ORP measurement

High performance digital sensor for demanding chemical applications, products with low conductivity or significant content of organic solvents or alcohols. Resistant to fouling due to separate KCL electrolytic bridge and reference electrode replenishment.


In-line metal analyzers for monitoring water hardness, iron, chromate, aluminium and sodium content ensure good water quality in all applications.

Lyquiline CA80HA

Water hardness analyzer

Colorimetric system for on-line monitoring of water hardness (CaCO3) in drinking and process water. It uses the phthalein violet method with plug and play commissioning.

Lyquiline System

Aluminum / Chromates / Iron / Silica

The different models of the Lyquiline system provide on-line measurements of metals and minerals. It includes the models CA80AL, CA80CR, CA80FE and CA80SI.


Sodium analyzer

In-line sodium analyzer for the detection of unwanted dissolved impurities. Ideal for indicating the purity of water and steam used in boilers and turbines with individual selection of sampling channels and freely adjustable measuring intervals.

TOC, COD and Total Nitrogen ANALYZERS

Total Organic Carbon (TOC), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Spectral Absorption Coefficient (SAC) meters for analysing the organic load of surface water and municipal and industrial wastewater.

Liquiline CA80COD

COD Analyzer

On-line measurement of chemical oxygen demand (COD) using the established dichromate method. Peristaltic pumps that can handle particles in the sample and light barriers that allow accurate and reproducible dosing.

Viomax CAS51D

Nitrate measurement or SAC

Intelligent sensor for optical nitrate measurement or spectral absorption coefficient (SAC). Automatic air purge and perfect adaptation to open tanks.

CA72TOC / CA78

TOC Analyzer

These analyzers allow reliable determination of the total organic carbon (TOC) content even in demanding applications with high salt, fat or fiber content. Specially designed for industrial discharges, wastewater treatment, surface water or process water.

Liquiline CA80TN

Total Nitrogen Measurement

Analyzer that provides accurate on-line measurement of total nitrogen and guarantees maximum process safety. Monitors organic nitrogen compounds (urea, proteins...) and inorganic nitrogen compounds (nitrate, nitrite, ammonium...). Highly suitable for applications influenced by wastewater, landfill leachate or agriculture.

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