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Instrumentation and Air Monitoring Equipment

Meteorological sensors

Sensors for meteorological stations to measure environmental parameters (rain gauges, wind speed and direction sensors, humidity, temperature, pyranometers, visibility sensors, barometers,...).


Meteorological monitoring Sensors

Monitoring climatological indicators together with air pollution levels is important for a more complete understanding of ambient air quality, as there is a close relationship between outdoor air quality and climate.

Weather patterns influence the dispersion of air pollutants, affecting their concentration and distribution.

This makes it possible to identify patterns, trends and causal relationships, which is essential for making informed decisions on environmental policy, pollution control measures and public health protection.

Meteo Met One Instruments
Met One Instruments meteorological equipment is highly accurate for the measurement of weather indicators.
Wind Speed and Direction Sensor
Temperature sensors
Temperature sensors
Atmospheric pressure gauges
Solar radiation sensors
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Sensors for meteorological stations

Weather sensors and weather stations can measure a variety of climate variables such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, solar radiation, wind direction and speed, and even various combinations of these.

These sensors collect accurate, real-time data about the weather conditions at a specific location. We offer a wide range of different types of weather sensors.

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