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Monitoring with IoT Devices

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We analyze each project and adapt our sensors and analyzers to collect and remotely transmit continuous data on physical and chemical parameters that determine air quality, water quality, flood warning levels, meteorology, crop status, odours and the structural health of buildings.


The devices developed and manufactured by Envira are suitable for Smart Agro projects, Smart Cities projects, Low Emission Zones (LEZ), monitoring in industrial environments, Industry 4.0 projects and even for measuring construction or structural pathologies. Their versatility allows the integration of different devices capable of measuring different parameters and their integration into our visualisation platform.

Indoor air Quality

Indoor air quality monitoring in the healthcare sector (hospitals and laboratories), indoor spaces adjacent to contaminated environments, wine cellars and risks from fermentation processes, smart buildings and enclosed spaces in general where indoor air quality monitoring is required.

Industrial AAMQS

Perimeter monitoring of air pollutants and odours through IoT sensor networks capable of measuring meteorological elements, particles, VOCs, noise and different types of gases.

Structural monitoring

Monitoring of structures, industrial assets, flaws and cracks through continuous monitoring of parameters such as vibration, inclination, crack size evolution, laser distances and corrosion.

Floods & rising water levels

Continuous monitoring of flow rates and meteorological parameters in river areas to detect flash floods in real time and send alerts and notifications when pre-defined thresholds are exceeded.

Water Quality Analysis

Continuous analysis of water quality in supply networks, dams, desalination plants, water treatment plants or discharge control. Parameters such as pH, turbidity, ammonium, hydrocarbons, conductivity or dissolved oxygen.

Crops Monitoring

Monitoring of meteorological parameters such as rainfall, wind direction and speed or solar radiation. Pollutant gases and particles in the air and parameters measured directly on the crop, such as soil pH or leaf wetness.

Parameters and options

There are many cases where it is necessary to monitor gases, meteorological, environmental and structural variables and other parameters that we can measure continuously and automatically with our devices.

Our IoT devices can monitor a wide range of physical and chemical parameters.

Integration of external sensors

Integration of external sensors

The list of parameters that we can monitor is flexible. We study the possibility of adding parameters that are required by our customers as our devices have internal sensors and the ability to connect external sensors to them.


Data Display Platform

Real-time data centralised in our visualisation platform, automated reporting and alerts

Multiple devices with different parameters integrated into a single platform. Data exploitation of any monitoring project is essential.

Through our platform, all the data collected by our IoT devices and sensors can be integrated and the corresponding alerts and notifications can be configured in the event that any value falls outside the range marked as safe, as well as being able to export reports on the data captured.

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