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We help companies and organizations to design, build and maintain all kinds of networks for monitoring environmental parameters.

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Monitoring with IoT Devices

We analyse each project and adapt our sensors and analysers to collect and remotely transmit continuous data on physical and chemical parameters that determine air quality, water quality, flood warning levels, meteorology, crop status, odours and the structural health of buildings.

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Audits ISO/IEC 17025

ENVIRA offers the service of ISO/IEC 17025 audits for the assessment of quality management systems in air quality monitoring stations and continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS), implemented and accredited according to the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

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Air Quality Consulting services

Comprehensive consultancy in air quality monitoring systems and surveillance networks.

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Ambient Air Quality measurement campaigns

Air quality measurement campaign services for all types of campaigns:

Health protection measurement campaign

Measurement campaign by pollutant (ozone, ammonia, NO2...)

Measurement campaign for the evaluation of the influence of polluting installations.

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Ambient Air monitoring networks deployment & management

ENVIRA has a specific maintenance protocol for each analyzer and monitoring system that includes scheduled (preventive) and not-scheduled (corrective) maintenance.

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Continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS)

Design, supply and installation of Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) for many different industrial installations (cement plants, power plants, chemical plants, refineries, paper plants, etc.).

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Accredited Calibration Laboratory

ENVIRA's calibration laboratory is staffed by qualified professionals with extensive experience who guarantee maximum precision in the calibration of gas and flow measurement and analysis instrumentation.

Calibration of gas analyzers and flow meters.

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Analytical instruments technical support

We have accredited maintenance technicians distributed throughout the country to provide the fastest service possible.

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Weather stations maintenance

Our maintenance plans include preventive and corrective maintenance of weather stations to ensure accuracy, data quality and durability of installations. Maintenance of multi-brand weather sensors

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