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Air Quality Monitoring Systems

AQMS Solutions for continuous measurement of air quality and analysis of particulate matter and gaseous compounds in ambient air.

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Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations

AQM Systems are turnkey facilities designed to monitor air pollution and assess the concentration of different pollutants in the air of a given geographical area, thus controlling air quality standards in accordance with different countries current legislation.

These stations collect data on various parameters such as suspended particles, ozone, nitrogen dioxide and other pollutants in order to assess and monitor air quality.

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations

Air quality measurement stations for public and private organizations.

Maximum precision instrumentation with legal backing.

Possibility of monitoring multiple parameters.

Customizable configuration of the interior and exterior of cabins.

Configurable alerts system.

Maintenance and calibration.

Mobile air quality monitoring station

Ambient Air Quality Mobile Stations for air quality monitoring.

Easy relocation for specific monitoring campaigns.

Fully configurable interior.

Tailor-made exterior equipment.

Action before specific overcoming episodes.

Compact AQMS Stations

ENVIRA designs and supplies compact air quality monitoring stations.

Maximum accuracy in a compact size.

Legally backed measurement instrumentation.

Configurable alerts system.

Easily installable in city centers and locations with limited space

Nanoenvi® EQ. Portable air quality monitor

Compact size multiparameter ambient air pollution monitor.

Very reduced and compact size.

Easy to install in any space.

Multiple connectivity and powering options.

Real-time data visualization.

Types of AQMS

We have several types of air quality monitoring stations. Envira takes care of their design, manufacture, maintenance and calibration.

Fixed Air Quality Stations are specially designed to be installed in areas with high levels of pollution or where periodic monitoring of pollutants is required.

A more compact version of these stations makes it possible to carry out supplementary ambient air measurements in accordance with current regulations, and are widely used for monitoring traffic emissions in cities or for supplementary ambient air measurements in industrial areas.

The mobile stations are fully configurable and can be adapted to the customer’s needs, with the great advantage of the possibility of relocation and immediacy to carry out measurement campaigns.

The Nanoenvi EQ portable stations are the most flexible and economical solution for monitoring outdoor air quality in inaccessible or small places. Its various connection and power supply options make this station completely autonomous.