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Mobile air quality monitoring station

Design and manufacture of mobile laboratories for air quality monitoring. The inside and outside equipment can be tailored.

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At ENVIRA, we offer private companies and public administrations our Mobile Air Quality Monitoring Stations: stations made up of high-precision instruments and equipment with an integrated data acquisition and processing system that makes them as reliable and efficient as fixed stations, but with an added advantage: they can be moved to the locations where it is necessary to carry out a targeted measurement campaign.

What is a mobile Air Quality monitoring unit?

In this video we explain what it is, what instruments it consists of and the advantages of our mobile air quality monitoring station.



Monitoring Equipment

The mobile environmental quality monitoring and assessment units are equipped with a wide range of fully customisable air quality analysers, making them adaptable to any environmental monitoring requirement.

The entire range of mobile stations supplied by ENVIRA complies with all necessary permits and administrative requirements for immediate commissioning.

Fully configurable interior

The interior of the mobile units is fully configurable. There is a work table, a real-time data acquisition and communication system and an instrument rack with integrated analysers.

Each mobile station is designed and equipped according to the measurements to be performed, incorporating gas samplers, a telescopic tower for the location of meteorological sensors and analyzers for gases and PM10 and PM 2.5 particles in ambient air.

The multiple configurations available for the mobile stations allow a wide variety of options to be defined in terms of vehicle equipment and features.

Different vehicle models

ENVIRA offers different models of vehicles and vans according to the needs and uses of the same, achieving great versatility both inside and out.

Each of our vehicles can be used to carry out air quality measurement campaigns, according to the parameters established by law or the specific needs of the client.

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