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Compact AQMS Stations

ENVIRA designs and supplies compact air quality monitoring stations.

Compact and portable environmental monitoring stations are an ideal choice for either accurate air pollution monitoring in places where a fixed station would not fit or for carrying out complementary measurements of immissions.

They are specifically designed to measure traffic pollution in cities, small municipalities, certain industrial environments or spaces such as universities, campuses or museums.

EMAC (NOx and CO Analyzers)

It is a portable station that incorporates immision analyzers that comply with current regulations. This type of portable station is widely used to carry out complementary immissions monitoring in industrial plants such as cement, electrical, chemical, refineries, paper mills, etc. However, it’s also used in cities for traffic

The main advantage is its portability since it can be easily moved to the point of interest where you want to take the measurement. The mobile unit is equipped with NOx and CO analyzers. This model is available for sale and in rental service. On request, its interior can also be tailored with analyzers that monitor other parameters.

Compact stations for air quality measurement

Envira designs and supplies compact stations to measure air quality, a reduced size version of the fixed stations that can be placed in locations where there is not much space available, such as in city centers.
These compact stations can be easily moved without great effort as they are equipped with wheels and can be configured with all types of gas analyzers (SO2, NOx, CO, O3...), particulate matter meters and meteorology systems.

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