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Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations

Design, distribution and installation of ambient air quality monitoring stations for public and private organizations.

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Integral service of design, manufacture, maintenance and calibration of fixed air quality stations (AQMS) for the measurement, collection and management of environmental data both in immission for private industry and in air quality monitoring networks for different public agencies.

We have accurate instrumentation and monitoring equipment with type accreditation.

AQMS features

Fixed air quality stations are facilities designed to monitor air quality in a given geographical area where they collect data on the chemical composition and concentration of atmospheric pollutants, such as particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, ozone and volatile organic compounds.

These environmental monitoring stations are equipped with specialized instruments and sensors, such as gas analyzers or particle meters that perform data acquisition and communication through wireless communication networks.

Design and manufacture of stations

One of the aspects in the design of the monitoring stations is the physical cabin where the air quality measurement instruments are located. ENVIRA's standard shelter model has a self-supporting metal structure with lateral enclosure, sandwich panel, is thermally insulated and is resistant to humidity and fire.

Turnkey installations

Our stations include all the necessary elements for their operation, from the supply of the cabin, supply of the gas and particulate material analyzers, their integration in the station and in the data acquisition, communication and transmission system in real time to the control center.

Inside and outside configuration of the Fixed AQMS

Each station has gas analyzers, PM10 or PM 2.5 monitors and meteorological sensors (humidity, temperature, etc.), totally configurable according to the requirements of each client.

Its exterior design can be adapted to the size and materials chosen by the client.

Configurable alerts system

On request, warning systems can be set up when contamination levels exceed the established limit values, so that the most appropriate measures can be taken.

Maintenance and calibration of air quality stations

The periodicity of maintenance and calibration is defined by the requirements of our customers or by legal requirements.
ENVIRA has a calibration laboratory with ENAC accreditation and maintenance and calibration protocols for all types of meteorological analyzers and sensors included in our fixed measurement stations.

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