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Environmental Control Network of the Government of Castilla y León

Published on 21 February, 2016

Success stories,

In 1992 research began to find sites for the future air quality monitoring stations in the Community of Castilla y León, an ambitious project undertaken by Envira (Ingenieros Asesores) in order to establish a network of stations for monitoring air pollution immissions at low heights (ambient air), nowadays known as Air Quality Control Network. Thanks to the results obtained in this research, a network was established and ENVIRA has been responsible for its maintenance since 1995.

Envira currently maintains and operates the network, which implies, among other things, the following actions:

  • Daily monitoring of the data collected in all the stations of the network.
  • Complete maintenance of analyzers, both on-site or at the laboratory.
  • On-site calibration, once every two years, of the gas analyzers by our accredited lab.
  • Management of the Mobile Air quality monitoring Station.
  • Survey and management of the quality system according to ISO 9001:2008.
  • Surveillance and information to the public.
  • Air quality evaluation.

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