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We are official distributors and technical support for Siemens water quality products in Spain, Portugal and Andorra.

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SITRANS sensors and flow meters from Siemens are designed to accurately capture all relevant information in water and wastewater processes and provide it to the control system.

These flow sensors are divided into

  • Level Gauges: ultrasonic, radar, hydrostatic pressure and vibratory level switches.
  • Flowmeters: electromagnetic, ultrasonic and vortex flowmeters.
  • Pressure Meters: Real process pressure transmitters.
  • Temperature Sensors: sensors and transmitters with various mounting options.


Level sensors for continuous monitoring and detection of liquids, granular solids or liquefied gases in tanks, silos or mobile vessels.


Ultrasonic level sensors

Sitrans LU240 and Echomax

Smart level transmitters with ultrasonic technology that measure the filling level in the environmental industry.

Radar level transmitter

Sitrans LR and LG Series

Radar level transmitters for continuous, non-contact distance measurement, perfect for use under extreme process conditions. They require very little maintenance. Models LR100, LR110, LR250, LR560 and LG240, LG250, LG260 and LG270.

Hydrostatic pressure gauges

Sitrans LH100 and LH300

Submersible hydrostatic level transmitter with 2-wire 4 to 20 mA power supply. Suitable for ATEX hazardous areas.

Vibrating fork level switch

Sitrans LVL and LVS series

Compact and robust vibrating fork level switch. Independent of dielectric conditions and other materials such as steam.


Different types of flowmeters, such as electromagnetic flowmeters, ultrasonic flowmeters or vortex flowmeters, designed to measure the flow of conductive liquids, liquids with particles or bubbles in the flow, even gases and vapours, to cover standard applications in all sectors of industry.

Electromagnetic flowmeters

Sitrans FM MAG Series

Volumetric flow measurement for chemical dosing in water treatment processes with minimal electrical conductivity.

Ultrasonic flowmeters

Sitrans FS Series

In-line, non-intrusive ultrasonic flowmeters provide maximum flexibility and the ability to select the most appropriate technology. Measures the flow rate of both conductive and insulating liquids.

Vortex flowmeters

Sitrans FX330

Vortex flowmeters provide highly accurate measurement of standard mass and volume flows of vapours, gases and liquids and are offered as an all-in-one solution with integrated temperature and pressure compensation.


Pressure and absolute pressure measurement instruments are particularly suitable for safety-critical applications such as in the chemical, oil and gas and power generation industries.

Pressure gauges

Sitrans P200/210/220

Compact single range transmitters for measuring absolute and gauge pressure. These series use two types of pressure sensors: two stainless steel sensors and a ceramic diaphragm sensor. This enables measurement of process, absolute and hydrostatic pressure.

Pressure transmitter

Sitrans P320/420

Pressure transmitter for time-saving remote safety manipulation during SIL commissioning.


Sensors, transmitters and additional instruments to measure temperatures directly or non-contact with different methods.

Temperature transmitters

Sitrans TH/TR/TW//TF

A range of compact temperature transmitters for head, rail or field installation, for connection to many different thermocouples.

Temperature probes

Sitrans TS100/200/300/500

Cable and compact temperature sensors, ideal for use in confined spaces. Ideal for the food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

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