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Hach Instruments

Hach Instruments analyzers, probes and sensors for water quality monitoring

Con más de 80 años de experiencia y una presencia global, Hach Instruments ofrece un amplio catálogo de instrumentos y reactivos para el análisis de agua. Sus soluciones innovadoras nos ayudan a gestionar la calidad del agua en diversos ámbitos: desde agua potable y residual municipal hasta las de alimentación, bebidas y suministro energético.


To maintain the delicate balance between scale formation and corrosion, it is important to measure and know the hardness levels of process water, so it is important to monitor calcium and magnesium levels separately, along with total hardness.

On the other hand, the control of water alkalinity is an important factor in a wide range of applications, from drinking water and beverages to wastewater treatment, boiler water, cooling and many other types of chemical production and manufacturing.

SP510 Monitor

Hardness analysis

Hardness monitor designed for continuous monitoring of water systems. Alarms when the total hardness exceeds the preset limit. Can set up an automatic water softener regeneration system.

EZ Series

Hardness analysis

Continuous analyzers for monitoring total hardness and calcium hardness of water by colourimetric analysis. Suitable for waste water, drinking water, steam and power generation and surface water.

EZ Series

Alkalinity analysis

Continuous analysers for monitoring free or total alkalinity of water in wastewater, drinking water, steam and power generation and surface water. Single or multi-parameter titrators.


Ammonia (NH3) is often found in groundwater due to microbiological processes, but its presence in surface water is often an indication of domestic pollution. Its relationship to ammonium (NH4+) is directly related to pH levels and its monitoring is essential in areas such as watersheds, chlorination disinfection in drinking water treatment, nitrification and denitrification processes in wastewater or in the pharmaceutical industry.

Amtax sc

Ammonium analyzer

Digital in-situ analyser with gas sensitive electrode designed to accurately measure ammonium concentration directly in the tank. High accuracy, minimal monitoring and fast response times for process control.

EZ Series

Ammonium analyzer

Continuous analysers with multiple options for monitoring ammonium in water. Choose from colourimetric, ISE or single parameter analysers.

Intellical ISE

Ammonium ions

Digital ISE Ammonium Ion Selective Electrode with non-fillable double-junction gel reference electrode, porous ceramic pin and porous PTFE ring. Virtually maintenance free.

A-ISE sc Probe

Ammonium ions

Ion-selective digital probe designed to measure the ammonium concentration directly from the medium. It requires no calibration and has automatic potassium compensation.


Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in high concentrations can have a significant impact on ecosystems and damage unmonitored equipment.

Excess of nitrogen in the form of ammonia or nitrate can pose a risk to public health, and ammonia in high concentrations and at high pH can be toxic to sludge-digesting microbes.

High levels of phosphates in the catchment can accelerate the growth of various types of algae and plants, leading to eutrophication.


TOC Analyzer

Organic contaminant analyser for reliable and accurate TOC analysis at the ppb level in ultrapure water applications. Unique advanced two-stage oxidation technology thoroughly and reliably oxidises samples for real-time water analysis.

EZ Series

TOC Analyzers

Continuous analysers with multiple options for monitoring total organic carbon (TOC) in water for applications such as wastewater and surface water.


TOC/TN Analyzer

Combined analyser for TOC and TNb as well as single parameters. Direct sample injection minimises the risk of interference. Built-in stirrer for each position.


TOC/TN/TP Analyzer

Analyzer for the detection of carbon pollution and nitrogen/phosphorus nutrient levels in water. Detects changes in water quality with direct analysis of total organic carbon, total nitrogen and total phosphorus in the most complex samples.

EZ Series

TN Analyzers

Continuous analysers for monitoring total nitrogen in water for applications such as wastewater treatment and surface water.


Phosphate Analyzer

Digital on-site analyzer for precise determination of orthophosphate concentrations directly in the tank. Wide measuring range.

EZ Series

Total Phosphorus Analyzer

Continuous analyzers offering multiple options for monitoring total phosphorus content in water: total phosphorus, orthophosphate and total nitrogen.

EZ Series

Phosphate Analyzer

Continuous analysers that offer multiple options for monitoring phosphate content in water by means of colorimetric analysis.


Excessive concentrations of nitrite and nitrate can adversely affect water treatment processes and pose a health risk by degrading water quality and promoting excessive algae growth. Their monitoring plays an important role in municipal, industrial and wastewater water quality.

UV NT3100sc

Nitrate measurement

Nitrate sensor with reagent-free UV absorption technology. High accuracy with a detection limit of 0.02 ml/L NO₃-N*.

N-ISE sc

Nitrate measurement

Ion-selective digital probe designed to determine the nitrate concentration directly in the medium. Easy to use and low-maintenance sensor.

Serie EZ

Nitrite and nitrate measurement

Continuous analysers with multiple options for monitoring nitrite and nitrate in water for applications such as drinking water, waste water, surface water and process water.


High levels of Total Suspended Solids (TSS) can affect the performance of filtration systems, critical equipment and piping systems. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) can come from natural sources, urban runoff, municipal and industrial wastes, and chemicals used in water treatment, and their monitoring is essential as an indicator of water quality.

Solitax sc

Turbidity and suspended solids

Digital process probes designed to accurately measure turbidity and suspended solids. They include submersible or inline turbidity and solids probes in stainless steel or plastic housings and with or without self-cleaning features.

TSS sc

Turbidity and suspended solids

Special digital probes for the determination of turbidity and suspended solids in aqueous and aggressive media made of polished stainless steel or titanium with scratch-resistant sapphire lens. They are ideal for high temperatures and pressures, hygienic environments or corrosive media.

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