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Water quality sensors

Nanoenvi WATER

Water quality measuring device based on various IoT sensors for monitoring various physico-chemical parameters.

The Nanoenvi Water measuring device consists of several sensors that measure water quality to ensure that water properties meet their specific purpose as well as regulatory standards.

These compact IoT-based devices facilitate the creation of wireless sensor networks for monitoring water quality in industrial processes, wastewater treatment plants or natural watercourses such as rivers, seas and marshes.

Water Quality Monitoring

Water resources

Water resources

The detection of pollutants and the monitoring of other parameters in the water of rivers, lakes and oceans is essential for the protection of aquatic ecosystems, public health and the sustainable management of water resources.

Water treatment

Water treatment

Early detection of problems and optimisation of water treatment processes ensure effective wastewater treatment and compliance with environmental regulations.

Process water

Process water

Many industries, such as the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, require high quality water for their processes to avoid contamination and ensure efficiency and safety.



Farming fish and other aquatic organisms involves maintaining optimal conditions for aquatic life by controlling parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen, ammonia and nitrite.

Water Quality Control Platform

Connect all types of digital and analogue sensors to monitor water quality.

The acquisition, storage and communication of data in real time is carried out by PLC systems compatible with various communication protocols (Modbus, Ethernet/IP, Profibus, etc.).

PLCs are designed to operate in harsh industrial environments, making them ideal for water quality control in any environment.

Moreover, this technology is perfectly compatible with the most common M2M wireless protocols such as 3G, 4G, Wifi or LoRawan, allowing long range and low power consumption.

The communication of these water quality monitoring sensors with the data visualisation platform gives this device a high degree of autonomy, allowing it to monitor a wide range of physical and chemical water pollutants remotely and in real time, sending pre-configured alerts when any value exceeds the set limits, thus facilitating control at all times.


The Nanoenvi Water unit is made of highly resistant material (IP65), ensuring that all inlets are protected against leakage.

Its structure allows the connection of various probes for the control of water quality parameters, such as

· pH
· Dissolved oxygen
· Turbidity
· Water temperature
· Nutrients (nitrates and phosphates)

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