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Agile, a key factor in the evolution of ENVIRA

Published on 4 October, 2018

Corporate News,

Ángel Retamar, head of IoT at ENVIRA, presented a practical case study of Agile for the transformation of the traditional company into an innovative market in the ‘IV Meeting of the Asturian Committee of itSMF’, where experiences on best practices in management of technologies of the information on the digital transformation were shared.

In the event, Retamar explained what has been the way that has followed ENVIRA Sostenible to evolve to ENVIRA, where the analysis and detection of niche market has played a key role in the launch of new projects.

In his presentation, Retamar said the importance of the implementation of the fundamental principles of the agile methodology in ENVIRA:

  • Works by sprints, time bounded with measurable results.
  • Prioritization of tasks that generate value to the client.
  • Reduction of stocks, both at a physical level and tasks.
  • Short implementation, measurement and evaluation cycles
  • Primacy of communication on the documentation, meetings methodology that encourages feedback and teamwork.

According to Retamar, one of the advantages of agile culture in an organization “is that failures are reduced and can be corrected in time, since the planning stages are performed short cycles”. Also, the IoT manager at ENVIRA said that Agility, to be based on the scientific method, it contributes to the reduction of stocks and allows to reach the market before.

Retamar also explained that research has been fundamental in the evolution towards ENVIRA, since that has allowed them to analyze their presence in an array of sectors and, depending on the outcome, to detect the niche that they can access.

The day dedicated to the ‘Agile and digital transformation in Asturias’, which took place in the Polytechnic School of Engineering of Gijón, was organized by the Information Technology Senior Management Forum. Along the same, several professionals shared their experience in the application of the ‘Agile’ methodology as an engine of innovation and change in different models of work.

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