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Animal health monitoring on farms

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The solution animal health monitoring on farms that have been developed by ENVIRA contribute to improving the efficiency in the production and the comfort of the animals, as well as the quality of the product delivered to the final consumer.

Monitoring system

The warning system includes:

  1. Remote modules where the sensors capturing relevant variables are placed (poultry farming, beef farming, pig farming…).
  2. A central station where the data from the sensors are received.A smart computer system for the exploitation of the data gathered in order to generate warnings and notifications for events involving a potential risk.

Animal welfare indicators factors.

This solution can reveal the factors that are relevant for production and health and monitor the production on a farm. Nanoenvi® FARM monitors these indicators of animal welfare in real time:

  • Humidity.
  • Temperature.
  • Concentration of ammonia.
  • Hydrogen sulfide


  1. The solution handles communications with the monitoring modules and stores the data locally, with tools for data analysis and generation of warnings.
  2. Each remote module may be equipped with up to 8 sensors. Its low-consumption design means that it can also work with a very small solar panel. The system is programmed for data acquisition according to the integration period desired and the data are sent wirelessly to the central module at planned intervals.
  3. These remote modules may work autonomously, without the central module, because they can be equipped with a 3G modem to send data directly to a server in the cloud belonging to ENVIRA or to a third party. They use standard communications protocols (Ejp JSON) that can be configured to send data to third parties.
  4. The number of modules that can be connected to each system is practically unlimited. The user can add modules as required. Additionally, specific modules can be developed for particular needs.

The animal health monitoring solution on farms enables:

  • The development of prediction algorithms with data about water consumption, temperature and age, indicating the predictable consumption range for a group of healthy animals. A deviation from that range alerts about the loss of water or a failure in its delivery to the animals, or about any sanitary problem or disease. Besides, knowing the real consumption of animals is essential to guarantee their health and welfare.
  • Contributing to decision-making in the strategies for the management of beds and ventilation.
  • Minimizing the levels of toxic gas.
  • Improving productivity.
  • Reducing the possibility of respiratory diseases.
  • Improving animal welfare.
  • Providing nicer and safer surroundings for the farm workers.

Communication modules

The flexibility of the firmware displayed at Nanoenvi stations enables the direct integration of the equipment with any kind of IoT platform or control center -both cloud-based or local-, by means of communication protocols (messages format, communication and transport protocols, M2M networks) completely adapted to each case. The communications with the optional communication modules available at ENVIRA are wireless, with technologies such as 3G, 4G, LoRa® with Narrow-Band in the near future.

Data display and analysis

Data are exploited in a visual and graphic way to provide easy access to relevant information and contribute to decision making in the management of the installation:

Calendar of daily concentrations

Graphic 1 shows the daily average concentration of carbon dioxide on the farm. It is clear that the concentration was very high during the last weeks in February and on some specific days.

Aggregation of NH3 and CO2

Graphic 2 shows that ammonia aggregation has very high values in comparison with carbon dioxide.

Warning systems

The acquisition and communication electronics continuously control the environmental variables on the farms and send data to the control center at planned intervals of time.

Besides, if an expert system identifies an event that entails risk or an anomalous situation, a warning is sent to the data-handling center -by means of SMS or e-mails to the authorized users- with information about the monitoring point, pollutant concentration, date and time.


Open and integrable solution with external developments at any level (device, connectivity, CLOUD or user application).

An unlimited number of devices can be included in future extensions.

High-reliable and available data in real time.

Tailored system.

Optimization of production based on data.

Analysis of changes in concentration parameters.