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Do you have an R&D project? Are you setting up a consortium and do you need a tech partner with experience in sensors, monitoring and the environmental solutions?

At ENVIRA we put at your disposal more than 40 years of experience in the development of engineering solutions for monitoring environmental parameters and structural health in industrial, urban and agricultural environments.

We are backed by a long professional career in R&D projects.

Experience competitive advantage and collaborative growth from an advanced technology partner

R&D background

At the end of the 90s, ENVIRA began the development of different initiatives aimed at improving and modernizing the systems for the acquisition and analysis of environmental data through the application of new technologies, from nanomaterials to the intelligent exploitation of data, through Artificial Intelligence techniques.

In 2010, all these activities were centralized with the creation of a new R&D Department for the exclusive development of new technologies for the environment. As a result of the growth of R&D activity and the arrival of the developed technologies on the market, the IoT Department was founded in 2018, which unifies R&D in technology with research and discovery of new markets, products and services.

Some of the most representative projects developed in recent years have been:

  • Nanosensors O3. Development of new environmental sensors, based on nanotechnology, for the monitoring of free Ozone in the environment.
  • UrVAMM. Design of an automatic monitoring system for environmental pollution shipped in vehicle fleets.
  • Nanoenvi M2. Sensor networks for environmental monitoring in industrial environments in order to control and minimize occupational and environmental risks associated with productive activity.
  • SmartEEs. Development of structural monitoring systems based on printable and flexible electronics.
  • SymbIoTe. Design and development of low-cost environmental monitoring systems for indoor spaces.
  • Smart Validation System. Expert System to assist in the identification of errors, incidents or environmental risks in large volumes of data generated by sensor networks.
  • Remote Calibration System. Intelligent system for unattended and remote calibration of certified environmental monitoring equipment and analyzers.

What do we do?

ENVIRA is an engineering company focused exclusively on environmental monitoring. In our small niche, supported by our more than 30 years of experience, we integrate the entire value chain, from the design and development of the sensor element, to consulting for compliance with environmental regulations that apply to our clients' businesses.

Some of the types of projects we are most used to are:

  • Environmental monitoring

We design, build, maintain and manage sensor networks for the monitoring of any type of environmental parameters, in the air, water, soil or vegetation.

The environmental sensorization networks deployed by ENVIRA combine large installations of certified moniyotinh equipment with nanosensors to obtain information in real time with the highest levels of precision and stability in measurements, thus ensuring maximum reliability of the data.

  • Emissions monitoring and control

At ENVIRA we have extensive experience in the design, deployment and maintenance of emission and discharge control systems for industry, from the supply and integration of CEMS, to the development of computer platforms for the exploitation and control of data, both corporate and plant level (control SCADA).

  • Structural health monitoring

The synergy between the Envira group companies: Envira and Ingenieros Asesores, has allowed us to participate in several projects and initiatives related to the monitoring of the structural health of buildings and civil works.

  • Smart Agro

Nanoenvi AG is our own line of devices for the monitoring of crops, agricultural holdings and natural spaces for the optimization of resources and processes and the control of risks (fires, floods,…) in these environments. Nanoenvi AG equipment has specific applications in agricultural or forestry research projects, the health control of plant masses, precision agriculture for species with high added value (such as the wine sector) or in large extensive farms.

  • Air quality

At ENVIRA we have more than 30 years controlling air quality nationwide. During all this time, we have helped all types of organizations, both public and private, to adapt their processes and operations to the changing regulations and standards in environmental matters, as well as to know, control and manage, the origin and dispersion of emissions and pollutants present in the atmosphere.

  • Smart Buildings

At our product line, Nanoenvi IAQ, we have developed monitoring devices and networks for the management and control of environmental and energy efficiency parameters within smart buildings capable of integrating with IoT platforms or with control systems of the buildings themselves.

Lately, we are also encouraging ourselves to design and manufacture our own IoT devices and sensors. Here you have more information.

What can we contribute?

When we participate in R&D projects in collaboration with other organizations, we are usually the sensor supplier partner, integrator of monitoring or analytical technologies for environmental data.

Generally, we feel comfortable, participating in consortia where our role is related to activities such as:

  • Monitoring networks. Sensor networks of any kind integrated into own or third party IoT platforms using industry standard protocols for open interoperability and M2M communication networks.
  • Environmental control. Intelligent systems, based on the analysis and exploitation of data, for the prediction, detection and management of events related to environmental risks.
  • Sensory. Sensors and custom monitoring devices for capturing physicochemical parameters to obtain information that generates added value to processes of any type, or the integration of industrial devices of any kind in monitoring networks.
  • Calibration of sensors. Calibration and preparation of environmental sensors of any type.
  • Environmental consulting. Consultancy on environmental regulation about atmospheric pollution and monitoring and control of pollution, as well as the development of customized computer systems, reports or models for the adaptation of operations to current regulations and good practices.


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