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Envira, first Phoenix Contact integrator in Spain

Published on 5 June, 2024

Corporate News,

Since the beginning of April, Envira has officially been the first Phoenix Contact integrator in Spain.

This German company of recognised prestige and implantation in the industrial world has more than 100 years of experience in the supply of all types of components for industry.

Among the many products they offer are connectors, power distribution, protection, monitoring, field interfaces and communication, signal conditioners, PLCs, cybersecurity and cloud computing.

Why Phoenix Contact?

Both because of their reputation and values as a company and because of the service and range of products they offer, we at Envira were clear from the outset about the benefits of forming an alliance with Phoenix Contact.

They have a development centre, technical support and logistics capabilities within the EU, which allows them to provide excellent service and support.

In addition, their equipment and devices have a strong industrial focus with features that focus on robustness, durability, quality and guaranteed performance.

At Envira we mainly choose Edge PLC’s and their input and output modules.

PLCs Phoenix contact

These devices are designed to operate in harsh industrial environments, with protection against vibration, dust, humidity and temperature extremes.

They have specific and customised hardware for control applications, with input/output (I/O) modules, processing and communication units.

By using this type of device, we avoid the typical inconveniences of applications made with other devices (PCs), in addition to an independent operation that is not subject to the requirements of other operating systems.

This alliance is undoubtedly a real boost that will allow us to continue growing and innovating in the field of continuous monitoring of air and water pollutant parameters.

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