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ENVIRA presents a pioneer system for urban environmental control on board of public local vehicles

Published on 16 September, 2016

Low emission zones, Pollution and outdoor air quality,

The company joins the European Mobility Week with an exhibition that displays the advantages of UrVAMM technology, after the success of the pilot tests in Oslo, Madrid, Valencia and Gijón.

Llanera, 16/09/2016

ENVIRA, a company from Envira Group whose specialty is the development of technology to monitor environmental parameters, will present from today to the 22nd, during the European Mobility Week, a pioneer system for the control of air quality in cities that works on board of public local vehicles and that has already been successfully tested in several European cities.

The UrVAMM system develops a novel way for environmental monitoring in cities. It is installed on board of buses, waste-collection vehicles or other vehicles for local services with the aim of real time monitoring of air quality. This equipment can be connected, in addition, with efficient driving systems and to the vehicle’s central unit to obtain more information through the use of the own technology.

Monitoring pollutants on the road allow for the sampling of the levels established in environmental regulations, as a support for the traditional monitoring methods and without mitigating circumstances such as distance or vegetation.

This technology, whose pilot tests have been carried out in local buses in Oslo (Norway), Madrid, Valencia and Gijón (Spain), gives the Local Councils more information about air quality, providing them with a “map” with the daily routes of each vehicle and complementing the data from the reference stations in permanent sites of the city.

The sensors that ENVIRA has integrated with the UrVAMM system, whose market launch is almost ready, measure concentrations of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen monoxide, ozone and particles, as well as temperature and humidity. The device will also measure air quality inside the vehicle with data about carbon dioxide (CO2), volatile organic compounds, particles, temperature and humidity.

As a company part of the European Mobility Week, ENVIRA has prepared an exhibition at its site (Parque Tecnológico de Asturias, Llanera) where all (previously registered) people interested can see the working of this pioneering system that will contribute to improving the control of air quality in our cities.

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