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ENVIRA presents UrVAMM at the European Mobility Week Awards ceremony

The European Mobility Week is an awareness campaign, directed both to politicians and citizens, about the negative consequences for public health and environment of the irrational use of cars in the cities, and about the benefits of sustainable means of transport such as public transport, bicycles and walking.

Every year several entities are invited to present their initiatives to improve sustainable mobility in cities. In 2016 ENVIRA presented the UrVAMM Project as a pioneer initiative of monitoring on board of public local vehicles. This enables to know the real-time status of air quality in cities, providing objective information to the people responsible for mobility in big cities, in order to help decision-making for the improvement of sustainability.

The European Mobility Week organized on March 20th a ceremony for the awards of Sustainable Mobility Urban Plan. Before the ceremony, several of the experiences presented for the European Mobility Week 2016 were presented and, among them,  ENVIRA was selected to present the UrVAMM Project, a pioneer initiative for measuring air quality on board of public vehicles.

Luis García, head of the Sensorics Department of ENVIRA, explained the pilot experiences of the UrVAMM system in several European cities such as Oslo, Madrid and Gijón. UrVAMM gives the Local Councils “a plus of information” about the air quality in the city by providing a map through the trips made by the vehicles on a given day.

The UrVAMM system develops an innovative way for environmental monitoring, including buses, waste-collection vehicles and other vehicles for local services with the purpose of the monitoring air quality, which makes possible the control of emissions by means of technology.

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