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ENVIRA is the distributor and official technical support for AMA Instruments products in Spain, Portugal and Andorra since 2009.

Fives is an international supplier of machinery, process equipment and production lines for various industries. One of the most outstanding products in relation to atmospheric emission control is its range of Pillard Opastop opacimeters.


With advanced stack backscatter technology and monitoring after baghouses, Fives Pillard OPASTOP stack dust monitors are the ultimate solution for monitoring dust and opacity emissions while complying with environmental certifications and regulations. Also available for explosive environments.

Opastop GP 4000H

This unit is characterized by simplicity of operation, with its unique scanner head assembly adapted for numerous applications (coal, oil, biomass and other solid fuels). Self-test functions for fouling and continuous automatic correction allow any deviations in the measurement signal to be corrected. The unit is adapted for small to medium size ducts, for dust concentration levels varying from very low to medium and for light to dark colored particles. The LED light beam is modulated to be insensitive to ambient light.

Opastop GP 4000H - EX

The ultimate explosion-proof solution for monitoring dust emissions in compliance with regulations and certifications, and suitable for explosive environments. As a high-performance solution, Pillard Opastop® GP4000H-EX adapts to the specific characteristics of industries (longer fiber optic length, materials, dimensions, flue gas temperature up to 650°C).

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