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Flood monitoring and warning system

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The composition of the flood warning system

The warning system includes:

  1. Wireless sensor network capturing relevant variables about the flow of rivers and streams (level, flow, speed, water temperature, etc.).
  2. A smart computer system for the exploitation of hydrometeorological and weather data captured to generate warnings and notifications for events that may involve a flood risk situation.


Real-time monitoring

ENVIRA’s system controls the flow and its behavior in real time, detects possible water courses and alerts about the flood risk with real and accurate data. It includes autonomous stations located at strategic points, equipped with a datalogger that reads the data captured by the sensors. Besides the sensors for the level of watercourses, sensors for temperature and humidity, turbidity, water speed, capacity, etc. can be installed.

A series of determinants identifying and predicting a certain event can be defined for each station, with the purpose of sending a warning to the control center and to the users predefined from the beginning.

These meters include a radar sensor with a maximum range from 10 to 70 meters. This technology enables independent measurements of the environmental conditions and high availability because, due to the contactless monitoring principle, there is an absence of wear and maintenance.

Communication modules

The flexibility of the firmware displayed at Nanoenvi® stations can integrate the equipment directly with any kind of IoT platform or control center, both cloud-based and on-premise, by means of communication protocols (message format, communication and transport protocols, M2M networks) completely adapted to each case.

Data display and analysis

The IoT Envira DS platform enables the reception, organization and exploitation of data, reporting changes in levels, flows and speed. If the emergency center receives a warning, they will be able to connect immediately and see the situation of watercourses. Besides, although the data are sent to the center at planned intervals, it is possible to determine from the beginning the interval of time at which the platform will collect values unless there is a warning -in that case the communication would be immediate.

The Dashboard displays the location of stations together with their synoptic information. Quickly and reliably, the operator can see the general state of each station in real time. The online stations are displayed in green, while the stations not communicating are displayed in red.

Those stations in green display the flow measured each moment: the larger the station is displayed on the dashboard, the larger is the river flow.

With the data captured by the stations, the platform Envira DS can generate historical graphics and reports to be exploited later on, automatically by smart machine learning systems or by knowledgeable and experienced staff specialized in hydrology and the environment.

Warning systems

Acquisition and communication electronics continuously control the level of water and the delivery of data to the control center at planned intervals.

If a preset level or flow is surpassed, it generates data communication through SMS or e-mails to the authorized users.

The solution can be integrated with the early flood warning systems (EFWS) of Public Administrations.


Timely detection of possible flood risks and floods.

Highly reliable and available real-time data.

Tailored solution that can be integrated with external developments at any level (device, connectivity, cloud or user application).

Total adaptation and integration with emergency plans.

Creation of historic data for Administrations.

Low energy consumption.

An unlimited number of devices can be included in future extensions.

Far-reaching bidirectional communications.

Long working life of the equipment.