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Siemens Analyzers

ENVIRA is SIEMENS' Solution Partner for the integration of products for gas analyzers.

Siemens is a leading supplier of emission gas and industrial process analyzers. Its emission control devices are tailored to customer needs and their design and specifications are aimed at compliance with pollution regulations.

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Siemens has a range of measuring instruments based on extractive measurement procedures that are characterized by taking the sample to be analyzed in the process pipeline and directing it, already conditioned, to the gas analyzer. These emission gas analyzers provide information on: SO2, NO, CO, CO2, CH4, C2H4, O2, SH2, NO2, H2S and NH3.


Siemens ULTRAMAT 23 is an emission gas analyzer that can simultaneously measure up to four different compounds (3 IR+O2). The measuring principle is based on absorption by infrared radiation. The gases most frequently measured are SO2, NO, CO, CO2, CH4, O2, SH2. It has a QAL1 certificate.


ULTRAMAT 6 is an analyzer for complex applications that complies with the strictest requirements of reliability and emission quality. The ULTRAMAT 6 can measure four active compounds by infrared and ULTRAMAT 6F two. The air-tight division of the electronic and physical parts when the equipment is being used guarantees a long working life in hostile environmental conditions. Compounds measured: CO, CO2, NO, SO2, CH4. High selectivity and easy to clean sample cells. It has a QAL1 certificate.


SIPROCESS UV600 is an ultraviolet gas analyzer that can measure three compounds at the same time. It is suited for extremely selective measurements of NO, with very small measuring ranges; it is also valid for gases sensitive to UV radiation such as NO, NO2, SO2 and H2S. The analyzer is equipped with state-of-the-art software and technology, with the interfaces needed for remote monitoring from a network and for connection to process control systems. It does not need a NO2 converter. Insensitive to interferences by H2O and CO2. Long working life of the UV source. Measurement of NO in very small concentrations (10 ppm). It has a QAL1 certificate.


The analyzer OXYMAT 6 analyzer uses the paramagnetic method of alternate pressure to measure oxygen. This guarantees absolute linearity and enables the parametrization of very small measuring ranges, from 0-0,5% (detection limit: 50 ppm) to 0-100 % or even 99.5-100% with only one device. The detecting unit is not in contact with the sample, which enables the use of the equipment under harsh conditions and guarantees a long working life. Zero physically suppressed by the appropriate choice of reference gas for the control of air purity or decomposition. Open architecture of interfaces (RS 485, RS 232, PROFIBUS). It has a QAL1 certificate.


ULTRAMAT 7 has great selectivity and accuracy in measuring complex gas mixtures, as well as reduced maintenance costs thanks to the easy cleaning of the measuring chamber. The analyzer is equipped with a preventive maintenance function that alerts in advance when the next maintenance must take place. Gases measured: CO, CO2, SO2, NO, CH4, C2H4, N2O, NH3. High selectivity. Easy handling. Prepared for Industry 4.0.


In-situ measurement procedures are characterized by the physical measurement directly in the process gas pipeline itself, so that no sample conditioning is required. They are fast, non-contact measurements of gas concentrations by means of a laser diode.


The design of Siemens' LDS 6 analyzer opens new possibilities for the control of processes and emissions. It combines a compact structure and a user-friendly design. It is an analyzer for on-site direct measuring of the process gas. It can measure the following compounds: O2, NH3, HCl, HF, H2O, CO, CO2. It allows the simultaneous measurement of two compounds. It has a QUAL1 certificate for NH3, HCl and H2O.


Total organic carbon analyzers quantitatively indicate the total concentration of hydrocarbons in the air in the monitoring of process exhaust, corrosive or condensing gases among other environmental protection applications.


The FIDAMAT 6 analyzer uses a FID (flame ionization detector) as the method for measuring total hydrocarbons. It can be used for measuring traces of hydrocarbon in ultrapure gas and for the total measuring of hydrocarbons in presence of corrosive gas. The adjustable high temperature for the route of the sampling gas and the detector ensure that samples with a high boiling point can be measured, as well as hydrocarbons in high concentrations of water steam up to 100%. Very low sensitivity to crossed interferences. Low consumption of oxidizer. Little influence of the oxygen in the value measured. Warning and failure alerts in case of failure of combustible gas, flame, pump or filter.


Siemens analyzers designed to perform process gas chromatography separate and analyze the volatile components of a sample allowing them to be accurately identified and quantified for quality control and process optimization.


This chromatograph is used in all the fields of chemistry, in refineries and oil processing plants. This equipment has been specially developed for harsh environments, to be used online at process level. A MAXUM edition II can do the work of several conventional chromatographs. Low operating cost: the flexible design of the oven optimizes air and energy consumption in the analytical solution. Versatility thanks to several kinds of detectors: FID, TCD, FPD, PDD (HID, PID and ECD mode) and multi-detectors. Easy and intuitive with a large color touchscreen for control. Powerful software for improved analysis results.


It is SIEMENS's smallest online gas chromatograph, protected against explosion. The analysis module, inside a case with flameproof casing, contains everything it needs to separate and detect all the compounds in a measurement. Detectors of thermal conductivity (8 TCD cells maximum). Easy remote monitoring with Windows-based software and Ethernet communication. Analysis of natural gas and heating power.

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