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The importance of sensorics in IoT projects

Published on 11 October, 2018

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If there is a factor that has led to the proliferation of sensorics, it is wireless connectivity. In the past, the sensors were connected by cables and someone should be there to read what was being detected or collect the data recorded on a format. Nowadays sensors can send data wherever they are, no matter how far away and in real time. All this has enabled the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0.

ENVIRA arises from the need to search the immediacy in data communication. That was what Ángel Retamar, head of IoT at ENVIRA, explained at the ITC Forum IV, held this week in the Recinto Ferial Luis Adaro (Gijón). In this international meeting which has brought together more than 25 representatives and professionals from public administrations and companies related to ITC sector, Retamar highlighted that ENVIRA is a company that has an extensive professional experience in environmental consulting, measurement in laboratories and real-time monitoring connected to control centers. This experience led the company to turn air quality remote monitoring stations into IoT devices.

Attention to the sensorics as the basis for projects

Retamar insisted on the importance of having a good infrastructure to work with the sensors: ENVIRA came to the IoT market with accredited laboratories, its own electronic, control centers, industrial case studies, and air quality projects in autonomous communities and cities. Retamar said that the success of any IoT project for Smart Cities requires paying maximum attention to the sensors.

During the technical talk, it was pointed out that, although IoT is a trendy concept, technology implies complexity and requires professionals and infrastructure: “It is useless to buy cheap and uncalibrated sensors, because a deviation of 200% is not measuring anything”, Retamar said. ENVIRA has a calibration laboratory certified by ENAC and tests all the sensors sent by suppliers to ensure that their measurements are accurate and to minimize deviations.

Visit of one of our partners

This week we have also received the visit of Dragan Jeremic from Jeremic Consulting Ltd at ENVIRA. Jeremic, with extensive experience in the ICT sector in the Balkan area, could see our facilities and some of the major projects that we are undertaking.

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