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ENVIRA develops a monitoring solution for viticulture

Published on 21 February, 2016

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ENVIRA goes forward in the application of IoT technology to more areas of activity, such as viticulture, where a system for monitoring vineyards has been developed with the installation of a sensor network with Nanoenvi MOTE, devices that allow data collection such as:

  • Air temperature.
  • Air humidity.
  • Foliar humidification.
  • Ground temperature.
  • Humidity of floor.
  • Wind speed.
  • Rainfall.

With these data, useful indices and indicators can be calculated for short-term decision making, which are key in obtaining a quality crop such as:

  • Evapotranspiration.
  • Water stress.
  • Irrigation needs.
  • Fertilization.

Foliar humidification sensor

Leaf temperature sensor

Initial situation

In this case study, 15 Nanoenvi MOTE sensor systems and two meteorological stations have been installed for the monitoring of vineyards with a long tradition belonging to one of the most prestigious areas within the Rías Baixas, O Rosal, designation of origin. They are in a valley near the Miño River, bordering with Portugal and the south of Pontevedra.

The commitment of its managers for the continuous care and control of the different phases of the vegetative cycle has led them to rely on ENVIRA for the installation of a monitoring system.

The main goal is to improve the yield of the vineyard, its nutritional and sanitary status and reduce the environmental impact with better resource management. In the production of wines, the difference between an excellent vintage and a more common one goes through the monitoring of essential variables.


The equipment that has been installed is powered by solar energy.  The data collected and encrypted are transmitted to the cloud through 3G communications, although ENVIRA also offers the possibility of working with technologies such as 4G, Lora or Narrow Band.

In this case, the data collected by the sensors is updated every 15 minutes and communicated every hour to the vineyard managers.

Analysis of data

The data can be visualized through the ENVIRA DS software, where graphs, tables and historical reports are shown so that the vineyard managers obtain a more global view of the status of their crops. Having this information in real-time allows them to make better decisions about the cultivation of the grapes and have a better ability to react to possible threats or incidents, such as the proliferation of pests such as mildew, which affects to the yield and the quality of the vine.

ENVIRA’s monitoring solution provides producers of these vineyards with a much more technical analysis of the variables analyzed, obtaining determining indicators in obtaining a quality vintage:

  • Maximize the winemaking potential of the vineyards.
  • Contributes to a more efficient consumption of natural resources, especially water, to obtain greater productivity in the harvest.
  • With the collected data greater traceability of the exploitation is obtained, identifying which is the optimum moment to water, sow, fertilize or harvest.

For more information about the crops monitoring and meteorological monitoring solutions in precision agriculture, you can contact the ENVIRA team through the following form.

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