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Nanoenvi AG

Nanoenvi® AG is an intelligent sensor device designed for remote data collection and transmission in precision agriculture and farming.

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Nanoenvi® AG‘s devices, designed in collaboration with Ingenieros Asesores, are IoT devices for agriculture intended to collect and transmit remote data in precision agriculture and on crops and farms, enabling the creation of wireless sensor networks.

Thanks to their connection to the cloud, these smart agriculture sensors make possible to create networks for monitoring, forecasting and optimising the management of agricultural resources in real time. In addition, they give farms greater control by controlling diseases or regulating the use of phytosanitary products, in other words, optimising resources.

With this wireless sensor device, the farm manager knows the status of the farm in real time from his computer, mobile phone or tablet, so he can make immediate decisions to improve the productivity of his crops and therefore the profitability of the farm.


Robust & autonomous

Manufactured in materials of high resistance, the Nanoenvi AG device has been designed for installation both outdoors (gardens, paths, woods, etc.) and indoors (warehouses, offices, etc.).

The devices can be powered by a solar panel and battery or connected to the power network, and their low power consumption allows them to work completely autonomously for an indefinite period of time.

Agriculture sensor technology

The electronics of the Nanoenvi AG device have been entirely designed by Envira and Ingenieros Asesores to adapt to the specific needs of smart Agriculture applications, minimising consumption and providing connectivity for different types of remote sensors.

These precision agriculture devices have the necessary computing capacity to perform processing operations on the information collected, trigger business rules for event detection (and notify the user through an alert system) or perform algorithms for initial analysis of the collected data (Edge).


Nanoenvi AG devices have several connectors for connecting sensors, both analogue and digital, and are compatible with various types of remote sensors for agriculture:

- Agricultural humidity sensor.
- Temperature sensors for agriculture.
- Digital rain gauges.
- Solar radiation pyranometers.
- Soil pH meters for agriculture.
- Dendrometers.
- Gas concentration sensors (H2S, CO, CO2, SO2...).
- etc.

Due to their complex nature, gas concentration sensors are pre-calibrated in our own certified laboratory to ensure maximum precision, stability and reliability of measurements.

Nanoenvi AG

Nanoenvi AG precision agriculture device

Discover all the possibilities for monitoring and collecting data from a farm site thanks to the wide range of IoT sensors for agriculture. Contact us for more information and pricing.

More information





2 x 240 MHz


272 KB


576 KB


4-16 MB

External storage

hasta 16GB en tarjeta SD


WIFI / GPRS-LTE / LoRA networks

Consumption modes

20mA (On), 10μA (Power-save)

Solar panel charge

6 - 12 V - 150mA

Number of sockets for sensor waves


Enclosure material

ASA plastic


Elastosil® Silicon rubber

Type of protection

IP65 EN 60529

Resistance to impact

Per ISO 2039-1

Ambient temperature (min.)

-10 ° C

Ambient temperature (max.)

50 ° C

Approximate weight

350 g

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