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The best way to protect against coronavirus: ENVIRA launches the indoor air quality gadget that protects you from the COVID-19

Published on 1 September, 2020

Indoor air quality,

This deviceset-up of the successful Nanoenvi IAQ, is the best way to protect against coronavirus: shows a virus transmission risk index (COVID) based on environmental conditions, helping you to know if the social distancing is appropriate or if the relative humidity is the correct to contain the spread of the virus. 

ENVIRA, a company specialized in the development of IoT solutions, announces the launch of the first-ever gadget that can protect from the coronavirus indoors. The device is designed to help building managers to keep people’s health and welfare through the monitoring of indoor air quality parameters and environmental variables.

ENVIRA has been offering solutions for monitoring environmental quality and pollutant emissions for more than 35 years. They also develop software platforms that make accurate measurements and analyze multiple parameters in Industry 4.0 environments, Smart Cities, and Smart Living In this pandemic context where a good healthy indoor air quality is more essential than ever, the device developed by ENVIRA, a set-up of the successful Nanoenvi IAQ, provides building owners valuable information about the risk of viral transmission in any indoor area for public attendance like working centers, schools, hospitals, conference rooms, labs, malls, cinemas, theatres, museums, etc.  

The IAQ gadget developed by ENVIRA shows a virus transmission risk index (COVID) based on environmental conditions. This index includes: 

  • Consideration of social distancing based on CO2 levels. The user can see the collected data on an intuitive display/app: if the CO2 ppms are higher than 1,000 ppm, the space is very crowded, and it doesn’t guarantee the social distance recommended to prevent the influenza virus  
  • The level of ventilation and air renewal based on the concentrations of gases (CO2, COand particles (PM 10 and PM 2.5). 
  • The ease of aerial transmission of viruses based on the levels of particles in the air (PM 10 and PM 2.5)
  • An indicator of the cleaning operations carried out, based on patterns in VOC concentrations. 
  • The facility of viruses to stay in the air, based on the current relative humiditySeveral researchers support that keeping relative humidity between 40%-60% plays a role in seasonal disease transmission and reduces the infectious rate. With Nanoenvi IAQ it is possible to measure in real-time relative humidity and keep it in the recommended rates. 
  • The lifetime of viruses based on temperature 

The use of technology for monitoring air quality is going to become crucial in the post era of this pandemic. Avoid the spread of seasonal viruses like COVID-19 is not only the main reason: the world has changed forever and now it is necessary to control occupancy indoors to guarantee occupant’s health and welfare. The widespread installation indoors of a device like Nanoenvi IAQ can help to prevent lockdown periods and do no give up the economic activity.  

“We are very pleased to offer an IoT device that allows building managers knowing that the indoor air quality conditions are the safest for the occupants in this current context of health emergency. Warnings and alerts can be set up if the parameters or environmental variables exceed certain limits o values recommended by the competent authorities or international organizations. Nanoenvi IAQ is a product designed and assembled in Europe and manufactured with highquality sensorssaid Angel Retamar, head of IoT at ENVIRA. 

ENVIRA provides solutions to create shared value to build a sustainable environment. The projects developed for monitoring environmental parameters, as well as the analysis of the data collected and its display and communication, are remarkable for their reliability and capacity to be tailored according to their clients’ needs. For any additional information, you can contact here .

The best way to protect against coronavirus: ENVIRA launches the indoor air quality gadget that protects you from the COVID-19

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