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Information networks

Display of information panels

Information panels show the state of pollution in a specific area, usually urban. These panels do not display a quantitative value but the level of pollution in a qualitative way, stating if it is GOOD, AVERAGE or BAD.

Thus, this information is easily understood by people, who are not usually familiar with specific data (it is difficult to identify, for example, if 10 ppb is a high or low level of pollution) but can easily understand the information displayed on the panels.

Informative bus for air quality

ENVIRA's bus is ready to monitor several pollution parameters and to undertake monitoring campaigns hired by the client. Besides, the bus has an internal classroom for environmental information, where general information campaigns take place. The bus moves through several areas in cities and towns; people can get on it to see there how an air quality monitoring station works and we answer their doubts and queries.

We also organize workshops for children at schools, to explain all aspects related to environmental parameters, monitoring gases and their features, which types of processes (industrial, traffic, etc.) produce those gases and the effect they have on people's health.

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