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Industrial Plant Monitoring: Automated Measurement Systems (AMS)

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At ENVIRA, we have developed an Automated Measuring System that allows us to implement an integral sensorisation of production processes, collecting and transmitting data in real time, facilitating operations and predictive and corrective maintenance.

Real-time air quality and emissions monitoring system

Industrial plants require automatic measuring systems to monitor both air pollutants and certain parameters related to industrial processes, such as

  • Stationary source emission systems, designed to measure directly from stacks and other air outlets in industrial plants. These measurement systems are automatic but do not necessarily measure continuously.
  • Ambient air quality measurement systems, also known as “perimeter monitoring systems”, are used to measure air quality in urban or rural areas affected by industrial installations.
  • Continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS): the most common automatic systems used in industry, they allow the continuous measurement of pollutant emissions and their immediate reporting to the authorities.
  • Specific gas and particle monitoring systems, used in various industrial sectors where it is necessary to control certain parameters such as mercury (Hg) or volatile organic compounds (VOC), for example, at certain stages of production processes.

Automatic monitoring system for industrial water

Systems for monitoring physico-chemical water parameters are essential to ensure compliance with environmental regulations, process optimisation and protection of water resources.

Some types of Automated Systems for industrial water monitoring are:

  • AMS for Wastewater treatment, essential for measuring water quality prior to discharge or treatment.
  • Automatic drinking water measurement systems, essential to ensure that drinking water meets quality standards before it is distributed for human consumption.
  • Water quality monitoring systems for industrial processes, to ensure process safety and optimisation.

PLC-based industrial automation and control

The use of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) in industrial automation systems has many benefits, including real-time control, which provides fast and accurate responses to changes in process parameters, improving process efficiency and stability.

Control systems

Control systems operate at the heart of the factory, managing all automatic processes, both those related to production itself, as well as other auxiliary processes such as safety, maintenance or logistics.

At Envira we design our PLC Control for Measurement Systems that offer high availability and uptime, crucial in the continuous monitoring of critical parameters.

These devices have a strong industrial focus with features centred on robustness, durability, quality and guaranteed operation, making them optimal for production plants even in hostile environments with high temperatures, vibrations, humidity and dust.

Furthermore, they do not depend on specific operating systems, which facilitates integration with any system and device in the plant thanks to their support for multiple standard communication protocols (Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet, Modbus TCP/IP).

Communication modules

Communication modules give these systems great flexibility, scalability and reliability, allowing them to interoperate with a wide range of devices and collect data from multiple points throughout the plant.

Data display and analysis

All acquired data is transmitted to the Envira DS platform, which facilitates integration with SCADA systems (industrial systems for the acquisition and visualisation of data generated by the plant's automatic control system), with industrial IoT platforms, or with any other type of application or system for the processing, analysis and use of data.

The in-house developed Envira DS software allows access to the information managed by SCADA systems as well as providing new data from external processes and applications such as analysers, monitoring stations and IoT devices of a heterogeneous nature, generating useful information to support decision-making at plant and strategic level.

The use of Envira DS software in the control centre makes it possible to improve control of the equipment, optimise the processing of possible incidents and response times or manage alerts immediately, sending warnings in the event of problems or anomalous situations that require immediate intervention, even before the failure may occur.


Having the Automated Measurement Systems for the monitoring of industrial plants that we design at Envira offers numerous advantages:

Reliable and robust Automatic Measuring System

Easy maintenance and advanced fault diagnosis

Process optimisation and cost reduction

Real-time data and control

Historical data availability

Flexible and scalable AMS system

Integrates and interoperates with any SCADA system.

Operational security and data protection

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